Telica Volcano, Leon - Tarif, Adresse & Avis. After about 45 minutes of walking through the hot sun on flat terrain, straps digging firmly into my shoulders, my shoulders ached, my enthusiasm flagged, and I was wondering how the hell I was going to do this. We walked through the dried husks of abandoned corn fields, occasionally stepping over a low point of a barbed wire fence. Saying that the hike to the top of Nicaragua’s Telica Volcano was the most difficult hike of my life would be an understatement. We loaded up our backpacks with tents, 8 liters of water, and other camping gear, and that’s when I had my first “oh shit” moment. You will need 3 liters of water per person if you walk in the middle of dry season. I was very grateful that I brought proper hiking boots (I love my Ahnus), though it definitely would have been possible to do the hike in running shoes if that’s all you have with you. I felt like a whole new person — I had no idea how much having my hip belt fitted properly could make a difference (I’m still a hiking newb, y’all). I felt the pack dig painfully into my shoulders right away. there are many signs on the ground made from branches by local people or other tourists. This is the perfect spot to set up camp. He helped me jerry-rig a solution, tying the waist belt tighter to sit on my hips and creating a chest strap out of a spare T-shirt (the backpack I borrowed for the trek didn’t have one). I was thinking a lot in regards to you question. Luckily, Telica is not that tall – just over 1,000 meters (3,481 feet for my fellow metric-shunning Americans out there). Yes, there is a 1,5 hour drive (one way) on a VERY, VERY bumpy road and then a 45 min walk… Read my privacy policy and disclaimer here, Is Nicaragua Safe? Designed & Developed by Solo Pine. look out for a red ribbon – it’s tied on the trees. But remarkably, I woke up with a clear head and actual energy for a change, as if I had sleepwalked and drank a pot of coffee in the middle of the night. We set up our camps and afterward made our way to the crater, where I took some spooky shots, then walked over to the sunset viewpoint for the most epic sunset of my life. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Summited Telica Volcano as part of a five volcano trek Wonderful experience for students to witness a live steaming volcanic crater. Telica Volcano. Telica Volcano. All Rights Reserved. Obviously you need to remember there is a possibility to bump into a spider or a snake. Learn how your comment data is processed. After one of the best sunsets in the world, we make our way back to Telica Volcano’s 120m deep smoking crater to see and hear the erupting lava at night (hoping the crater is not full of smoke). The worst for me was the heat and heavy backpack combo…. and then turning around to see this crater smoking peacefully a couple hundred meters away. Thanks Linda! Quetzaltrekkers - Hike Volcanoes Help Kids, Leon Picture: Telica Volcano - Check out Tripadvisor members' 6,173 candid photos and videos. Hii Lucie! At 5.5 miles / 9 km the trail flattens and the jungle opens up. Volcans. I would have struggled to find the right path, but I did meet other hikers who had done the hike independently up to the top, so it is possible. This was one of my favourite hikes and countries I’ve traveled to, and I would love to see this incredible crater again. The trail is not too hard but last 1,5 hour is quite steep. As with everything I do, it was the pinnacle of fashion. The last thirty minutes were a little harder, but I kept pushing through it, relishing the moments of shade and picking up my pace in the sunny patches. Besides reaching the crater at the top this hike will allow us to observe several other volcanoes lined up, some smoking and others dormant. Nº 2 sur 23 choses à voir/à faire à Leon. I’ve hiked a few volcanoes and would love to see this one. How long takes to get to Telica Volcano? I awoke the day of the Telica volcano hike, body and ego both bruised from volcano boarding the day prior. Hiking Kawah Ijen Crater lake in Indonesia. She's happiest when climbing things, snuggling any animal who will let her, and eating improbably large amounts of food. Quetzaltrekkers - Hike Volcanoes Help Kids: Good hike to Telica volcano - See 667 traveller reviews, 411 candid photos, and great deals for Leon, Nicaragua, at Tripadvisor. Luckily when I shared my concern with one of my guides, he saw that I wasn’t distributing the pack’s weight properly. I’m so proud you did it alone!! Amérique centrale ; Nicaragua ; Leon Department ; Leon ; Leon : toutes les activités ; Telica Volcano; Rechercher. The last eruption was on July 29, 2020. What It’s Like to Hike Telica Volcano? One of the best adventures I ever experienced was hiking Telica alone! Sounds like Nicaragua is a great country to find some outdoor adventures. Copyright 2019 - Eternal Arrival. And you did camping, great stuff! Back To All Tours Telica is an active volcano located 32 km from León. that is huge! you need around 4 hours to reach the top – so there’s no too much time to wander around. As we wove an intricate and seemingly random series of turns through the streets of León towards the bus station, I rued each and every step. Hike Telica Volcano and camp next to Nicaragua’s most fascinating crater. Yes, Nicaragua is an outdoorsy paradise Which volcanoes have you hiked? Hi! Your adventure begins at 2pm when […] But they always say it to hire a guide or go with a trip. DESCRIPTION. Quetzaltrekkers - Hike Volcanoes Help Kids: Telica - consultez 667 avis de voyageurs, 411 photos, les meilleures offres et comparez les prix pour Leon, Nicaragua sur Tripadvisor. Enjoy the colorful sunset and amazing views, see lava and wake up to a splendid sunrise with a pleasant breeze. Il est entré en éruption en 1982, 1986, 1994, 1998, 1999 et 2008. We then hike for about 45 minutes to the edge of crater, take some pictures along with a fascinating view deep down into Telica’s crater while there is still day light, before heading to a great sunset spot. Beautiful sunset photos — thanks for sharing! It was pretty unstable last year. Such a cool experience I got a little lost tho, which added extra 1.5 to my ascend, but still totally doable! Pingback: Telica Volcano | Volcanoes of Nicaragua | Char's Footsteps, Hey, thanks for this. After getting off the bus in San Jacinto 30 minutes later, we were greeted with the smell of sulfuric pits, where geothermal activity made mud gurgle in the sun, like water left to boil on the stove too long. We stopped at a local cooperative on the top of the volcano for lunch, and holy shit, gallo pinto had never tasted so good. With the sun on my face, pack on my shoulders, and eyes fixed on the trail, I felt like I was truly meditating for the first time in my life: focused almost entirely on that present moment, the sensations in my body as I simultaneously pushed it and listened to it. It sounds like an amazing experience! So they probably want to avoid not instructed singles do the same as it might become really dangerous. Views of Volcan Telica'a billowing smoke can be seen. We started at 8 am. Twilight slipped into the darkest night sky I’ve seen since the Sahara, and countless stars sparkled overhead. Warsaw top things to see in the capital of Poland. Be sure to pack in and out all your garbage and leave no trace. Hiking Kasprowy Wierch 1987m in Tatra Mountains. Just wondering what’s the situation in Nicaragua currently? This was our first encounter with a active volcano and we are so happy we got to see this. Vacations were made for adventure and what's more adventurous than hiking right up to the crater of an active volcano? Proceed with caution and peer over the edge into the mouth of the crater. I cannot remember now whether it says anything about staying alone over night. Without wifi or artificial light to distract me, exhausted by the climb, I slipped into sleep in my tent by 9 that night. Even if it meant sleeping atop Telica Volcano – one of Nicaragua’s most active – for the night. I’m sure you’re gonna have an amazing hike! We drive 1:30hr on a rugged dirt road through scenic countryside and sub-tropical dry forests until getting close to the Telica Volcano’s crater. Thanks for writing and sorry for late response! Saved by Suzanne Sparks Suzanne Sparks Thanks for the great post!! Views were fantastic, the crater was spectacular with a lot of sulfur fog, But there is no lava visible any more since 2016. if you want to see that, go to volcano Masaya. But then I wouldn’t have had this view, or this story, and I remember that my goal for 2017 was to say yes to anything that intrigued me – even if it scared me. Eternal Arrival is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. For now. But it might be though because of the safety reasons. We are a group of four, all of use experienced in volcano hiking and camping up to 4000m… we were told the hike can be made without a guide (not recommended) but if we wanna stay overnight its TOTALLY FORBIDDEN doing it on your own… do you know something about this? We waited and waited… and then this happened. There is a double crater at the top, 700 meters wide and 120 meters deep. Only in Nicaragua can you buy a beer for a buck fifty on top of a volcano. Here you will also enjoy the beautiful landscape,… Sunset at Telica Volcano Telica Tours took us to the Telica Volcano to see the volcano and also the sunset from the top. Amazing – all the best!! I am so sorry we didn’t camp. So far it hold the title of the largest number of eruptions in the … Hi Christian! Prior to making the hike up the volcano, I had never attempted to climb up an entire volcano (or even a mountain) at any point in my life and I was completely unaware of the challenges that would lie ahead of me. It was a simple meal – rice and beans, scrambled eggs, tortillas, and hot sauce, but I greedily ate every bite of my enormous portion. It’s all because they told us we need to walk back the same day, as camping alone is forbidden. Tour guides not only set up a camp over the night but also a fireplace. We got to see the crater, a bat cave and the sunset! 180 avis . We did not hear any information that staying alone at the top of Telica is forbidden and I don’t think there are people controlling area at the top.